"I sought tranquility in all things, but found it nowhere except in a corner with a book."  Thomas à Kempis


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His Hundred Years, A Tale by Shalach Manot is a novel about a Turkish Jew, an everyman, a peddler, in the fast-deteriorating Ottoman Empire and in New York.

“This fascinating book by gifted writer and storyteller Shalach Manot reflects on the life of an unusual Sephardic man, his childhood in Turkey, and later, his adaptation to life in America. We follow his adventures and come away with a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Sephardic immigrant experience during the 20th century.”
— Marc D. Angel, author of The Crown of Solomon and Other Stories

“With its crisp detail and dappled mosaic narrative, His Hundred Years is a Jewish immigrant tale with a difference. The initial milieu is Sephardic, Turkish, Ladino, not European, and the protagonist, a buoyant and irrepressible salesman, is the furthest thing from Arthur Miller’s defeated figure. This is a finely written novel.”
—Morris Dickstein, author of Gates of Eden and Dancing in the Dark

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